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Organisational Restructuring Of A Software Company

Project Details

Companies often overlook the significant intrinsic value that lies in the appropriate design of their organisational structure. Adequately tailoring the structure to suit the company’s size, scope of operations and strategic objectives can generate strong savings, ensure business processes are functioning optimally and guarantee that the right people are in the right place, doing the right things.

The organisational structure, or ‘operating model’ in this context, answers the question of how a Software business portfolio is managed along clusters and business functions to deliver on the overall group strategy. This split of accountable business units and a broader group strategy is critical to the client’s competitive advantage.

The operating model focuses the organisation on the key value drivers and on creating synergy across the portfolio of activities.

We understand that optimally structuring the operating model is of particular importance for agribusinesses in the CIS region, given the nature of the strategic challenges they face. The wide spread of operations and the need for centrally defined practices create a difficult tension to balance. Best practice sharing between highly dissociated servers and clusters is typically quite low, a process which can be significantly enhanced by solid organisational structuring at the group level.

We helped our client, a leading Software Company, with a large-scale organisational restructuring to reduce its cost base, enhance decision-making and improve business processes.

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